Kite-surfing on snow

fun way to get off pist

Snowkiting is very easy to learn and very easy to do.

We believe that everyone can learn to snow-kitesurf

Learning to snow-kitesurf is an incredibly fun and life-changing experience, 

To learn snow-kiting you need to be able to ski or snowboard down a “blue” ski run with a good ability. Simple!

Snowkiting involves using a kite attached to a harness to sail across the snow-covered mountains.

Power is generated in the sail as you steer the kite against the wind, driving you forward across the winter landscape. You can use either your ordinary skis or a snowboard on your feet.

Sälens Kiteschools trained instructor provide easy-to-follow guidance tailored to suit your individual needs. We use market-leading equipment during our courses that is always in top condition to make sure you get the very best out of your training.

Your kite will give you the power to go wherever you like. It makes no difference whether it’s a 45-degree incline or somewhere miles away that you’ve set your sights on. Your kite will take you there without problem! All you have to do is to sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Instructor (Ashley) is from Australia, so all courses are in English.

He has a love for surfing and snow sports, a passion for kitesurfing, on water and on snow.

If he’s not teaching, You mite see him skiing with his kids.  sometimes he takes the kids into the back country to ski off pist, towing them with the kite.  



To teach you all you need to know to be a safe and confident kite surfer.


To share the fun of kiting and show you how safe and easy it is.