Snowkiting Guide

Guide You As You Start Out Snowkiting. Or Plan A Trip into the back country.

1 day,,,4-5-6hr How long can you ride for?

This is for people who can all ready kite-surf.

Price negotiable

Equipment is included in the price.

As a guide I know the top of the mountain very well,  I spend a lot of time up at the top of högis.

I can also give you tricks and tips to advance your kite skills if needed. 

I know all the nice spots to ride and where the wind is consistent and how far you can go on all the wind directions.

If you like an adventure just a short drive from sälen we have fulufjället nationalpark. Or a ride on one of the lakes we have near by.

I can guide you up above the tree line and show you the beauty of fulufjället.