Private lessons

995kr/ hr
minmun 2hr
Individually tailored, 1 on 1 coaching taking your kiting to the next level! We adjust the content of our courses individually with 100% focus on you and your riding.
All equipment is included in the lesson price.


2490kr / person 
1 day 

2 students per kite
max 2 students per instructor

we will start at 9 and go till 2 or 3 depending on your energy, so it’s good to have snacks and a drink.

We will teach you all you need to know to start out and be a safe kite surfer.

Location check, to see if the place is safe for kitesurfing. Line set up. Pre flight check. Launching and landing. First piloting. Explore the edge of the wind window.

Theory of kitesurfing, wind windows, wind speed, aerodynamics.
Equipment: The difference between different types of kites and careful review of safety systems, rigging and dismantling.
Signaling at take-off and landing and signaling in case of emergency.

Launch and landing as an assistant.
Equipment is included during the course.

First ride, starting on skis or board when you have the control of the kite.

Together we work towards making you a confident and independent kite surfer.

level 1. A to E of IKO kiteboarder Discovery.

independent​ & ride

4600kr / person

Over 2 days

Day one is just like the above course.

Level 1. A to E of IKO kiteboarder Discovery.

Day two you should be up and riding safely. 

You will have a good understanding of the hand signs. 

Learn the right of way rules, so you can ride safely.

Ride up wind and down wind.

Equipment is included during the course.

Controlled stop.  

kite surfing on snow

If you can ski than you can kite.

We also offer private courses. 

You will need a helmet.

Packed lunch or snacks to make it through the day.

Skis or snowboard and clothes to suit the wether. 

To kite on the snow it takes very little wind, If the flags are moving, Then we can kite. 

There is a point where the wind can get too strong.

As the wind gets stronger we setup smaller kites.